Gulf Coast Oral

and Facial Surgery, PA

Biloxi: (228) 388-5925

Ocean Springs: (228) 875-3161

Orange Grove: (228) 832-4271

Pascagoula: (228) 762-3762

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Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is always here to help! Whether you have questions about a specific procedure, or insurance or billing questions, we are only a phone call away! Our main office in Biloxi is open Monday through Friday, so please feel free to give us a call at (228) 388-5925 with any questions you have!

Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How much will surgery cost?


A. The cost of your surgery can only be determined once your case has been evaluated by one of our physicians.


Q. I have already seen my dentist, why do I need another consult?


A. We realize you have discussed treatment with your dentist or other physician.  Our physicians need to review x-rays and discuss treatment options, procedure, policy, and anesthesia, before surgery.


Q. Are there payment plans available?



Q. How much does insurance cover?


A. Insurance coverage will vary from company to company, and within each company's plans.  There are certain insurance companies for which we are not In-Network.  It is your responsibility to know if we are participating with your plan.  If you have questions about your plan, your employer or insurance agent will have this information.  You may also contact our office to see if we are In-Network with your plan.  We do file insurance as a courtesy.  Payment for all exam and x-ray appointments will be due in full at the time of checkout.  You will be provided a treatment plan outlining your surgery cost at checkout following your consultation.  A deposit amount will be determined at that time based on insurance coverage and verification.