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At Gulf Coast Oral and Facial Surgery, we use the highest quality implants from Nobel-Biocare, such as the All-on-4 full dental bridge, as well as single implants made from biocompatible materials which act like natural tooth roots and support both individually made crowns and bridges.

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Dental Implants


Dental implants are titanium anchors placed in the jaw bone to support artificial teeth where natural teeth are missing. Unlike other types of tooth replacements, such as dentures, partial dentures, or fixed bridges, dental implants are inserted or implanted into the bone under the gum tissue. Artificial teeth that look like natural teeth are then attached to the implants. Titanium implants "osteointegrate" with the surrounding bone (bone attaches to the implants) to provide a solid foundation to build teeth. This allows people with missing teeth to chew efficiently and comfortably. Implants are the solution when people are having difficulty wearing a removable denture, have missing teeth and do not want adjacent teeth cut for a fixed bridge, or when portions of the jaw are missing due to an accident, disease, or birth defect.


You are a candidate for dental implants if you have enough jaw bone that is dense enough to support an implant and if you do not have a disease or condition that interferes with proper healing after implant surgery (i.e. uncontrolled diabetes). Careful treatment planning of your case with your restorative dentist prior to your surgery and proper maintenance by you will ensure you many years of use from your implants. Current literature reports that greater than 90% of implants have been successfully retained for up to 15-20 years.